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How to solve the oil leaking of hydraulic breaker seal kits

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In 2011,the hydraulic breaker (hydraulic rock hammer)are greatly needed, and the hydraulic breaker seal kits become very popular. However, oil leaking is still a big problem. let’s analyze why it happens and how to solve it as following.
The situation that the hydraulic hammer seal kits are in good condition:
The oil ring of the piston enlarge, oil drops time to time.
Reason: the surface of dust seal has been scraped.
Solution: change the dust seal

Oil leaks under low temperature.
Reason: improper choice of the seal material
Solution: choose cold-resistant seals
The situation that the seal kits are in bad condition:
the back-up-ring harden, the surface fracture.
Reason: Working at extremely high speed, the working pressure is too high
The back-up-ring harden ,the whole seal fracture
Reason: the hydraulic oil goes bad, the temperature of the oil goes too high, the ozone damages the seals and oil leaking happens
The surface of the back-up-ring abrades unevenly and melts or swells Reason: Improper use of the oil and cleanout fluid
The slide surface of the back-up-ring has indentation
Reason: There is impurity inside
The back-up-ring burn
Reason: there is residual air in the hydraulic rock breaker/hydraulic rock hammer
As we can see, correct judgment and reasonable analysis makes the problem solved easily. However, choosing and buying good quality hydraulic breaker seal kits are also important. Bad quality seal kits damage the cylinders and shorten the working life of hydraulic rock hammers